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The Importance of a Kitchen Being a Social Living Space

Gone are the days, where the kitchen is hidden, tucked away in the back of the house. Gone also are the walls closing it off from everywhere else. Homeowners are focusing heavily on their kitchens when it comes to renovations. With the progression of technology; running water, gas ovens, smaller appliances, the kitchen has transitioned out of a hole of servitude into the kingdom of the homeowner. A central hub for the entire house.

If the kitchen is being used more frequently it will inevitability become a place of congregation. People are moving away from dining rooms and more formal settings, to gather around the counter in the kitchen. This openness creates an easy place for people to communicate and share in the experience of cooking. In cultures around the world from the beginning of time, the preparation of meals has been a family event. We are headed in that direction if not already there.

The kitchen needs to accommodate the shift into an era where it is the life of the party. Living rooms are already blending in with the kitchen. This shows the desire people have to be close to each other while not losing the comforts of the modern age. Therein lies the importance of creating a good social living space from your kitchen. You want to provide a place that is comfortable for others to gather around. While being efficient and convenient for the cooks. The kitchen is now the origin of creativity, communication, and precious moments that will change the future.


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