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Design with Cucine Ricci

The foundation of our design process is client participation. Every space is carefully designed for the individual or family that will use it. In addition to a site visit to take accurate dimensions and study the space, a pre-design meeting in our showroom is important to understand how you entertain, cook, and live. Unlike other more conventional cabinet companies, our designs are

creative, innovative, and unique.

We do not charge for the initial design and quote. In fact, the initial design would be our interpretation of what would work for you and the space. If a redesign is needed, it will be at no charge to you. We want you to love the design. If we find it necessary, a 3D photo-realistic image will be created to support our design.

After the first two presentations, you should have enough information to know if our product and company are a good fit for you. Hopefully, you will be ready to place an order and be looking forward to enjoying a beautiful space in your home. If further design is required, a 10% non-refundable design retainer is due. This retainer will be applied to the cost of your kitchen. Plans are only released to you or your contractor once an order has been placed or a design retainer paid. Ownership of the design remains with Cucine Ricci.

Once we are under contract, we will gladly assist you with other design decisions regarding your space. After all, it is in our best interest to make sure your home is so spectacular and functional that it will lead to our next client.

Lead times are 14 to 16 weeks from the date of order to start of installation. Some finishes, as well as custom cabinets, require a longer lead time.

A 50% deposit is payable upon order, 40% due 24 hours prior to delivery or, if your site is not ready, within 21 days of the product arriving in our warehouse and the balance upon completion.                      
Unlike most companies, our initial quote will not be a stripped-down, basic design, tailored to upsell you later. Our designs and pricing are comprehensive. There should not be additional charges unless you change materials or specifications. It is, however, always possible to value engineer to suit your budget.


Most importantly, we view our interactions with clients as an opportunity to create, educate, and have fun in the process. Looking forward to getting creative with you! 

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