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Imported Italian Cabinetry

covid 19 NOTICE

Cucine Ricci has since March 2nd 2020 actively employed measures to ensure the safety of our staff and clients alike. Witnessing the original devastating outcomes in Italy, this pandemic was very real to us long before others mandated action. Our response has adapted from a strictly remote work approach to a soft open but with very strict in-house protocols. Despite the devastation that Covid 19 caused for families in our state, the USA and around the world, it has enabled us to develop strategies to better serve our clients and improve. We are emerging from this a financially and physically healthy company. Our Italian suppliers are also in good shape and are open for business!!


As the 3rd wave of the virus subsides we have to recognize that this virus is still with us and that our country still lose several hundred people everyday . We mourn the loss of more than 750 000 people in our own country and more than 5 million around the world. We are however now able to relax the most stringent of our in-house protocols. Some still remain in effect and we ask our clients to respect our choice to protect clients and staff alike (1). If our safety measures do not work for you, we are happy to meet with you virtually. This often in any case seems to lead to the most productive interactions. The CHOICE IS YOURS at all stages of the development of your project.


  • We are happy to and prefer to meet with clients when possible online in the virtual world. We have great systems in place to showcase our products and designs and consult from the comfort of your home.

  • We require the correct wearing of masks in our showroom. Please wait at the stanchions at the front door where a staff member will meet you and, if you do not have your own, provide you with disposable 3-layer medical mask. Staff members will wear masks while interacting with you.

  • We have several disinfectant stations in the showroom for staff and clients mutual  protection. 

  • We ask clients to limit touching displays and samples. Should you touch samples, leave them out so that they can be disinfected

  • We limit sit-down meetings per day. This allows us time to disinfect all spaces before and after meetings. No unscheduled sit-down meetings will be allowed.

  • We reserve the right to limit the number of visitors in the showroom. Should we have to restrict numbers, preference will be given to those with appointments.

  • Any staff member will have the right to refuse clients access to the showroom if, in their sole opinion, they feel uncertain about a visitor's health condition or compliance.

We intend that our clients continue to enjoy the full experience while safely interacting. We love what we do and look forward to continuing to co-create beautiful, unique spaces with you.


Thank you for both your understanding and continued support

(1) Cucine Ricci/Munda Interiors, LLC makes NO CLAIM that the procedures implemented by us will protect you from contracting coronavirus/COVID-19. Cucine Ricci/Munda Interiors is not an authorized medical or health safety authority and has done our best to prove a safe environment for you and our employees.

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