Imported Italian Cabinetry

covid 19 NOTICE

Cucine Ricci has since March 2nd 2020 actively employed measures to ensure the safety of our staff and clients alike. Witnessing the devastating outcomes in Italy, this pandemic was very real to us long before others mandated action. On April 1st we all started working remotely and have been very productive serving clients and improving our capabilities as a company. We have used the time well and remain both a financially and physically healthy company. Our Italian suppliers are also in good shape and are open for business!


As of May 4, 2020 we will do a protected, partial  brick-and-mortar re-open while continuing to expand and improve our virtual capabilities. Cucine Ricci recognizes the continuing dangers presented by Covid-19 and we are implementing procedures that we believe will provide both you and our employees with protection while we continue to navigate through this pandemic ( 1) .We enter this next stage of managing our new reality with a limited person to person business model exposure.while we will continue to be available to you utilizing our ever expanding virtual capabilities to serve you. The CHOICE IS YOURS at all stages of the development of your project.


What we are doing as a company:


  • We are happy to and prefer to meet with clients when possible online in the virtual world. We have great systems in place to showcase our products and designs and consult from the comfort of your home.

  • We will be limiting our staff's exposure with a weekly rotation schedule that has 2 members in the showroom while others continue to work remotely.

  • We have a literal open-door policy so that clients do not need to touch the door handle – however, beyond the front door, access is limited by stanchions where a "masked" member will meet clients.

  • We have several disinfectant stations in the showroom for staff and clients mutual  protection. 

  • We are requesting clients to touch displays and samples.

  • We will schedule a maximum of 2 sit-down meetings per day. This allows us time to disinfect all spaces before and after meetings. No unscheduled sit-down meetings will be allowed.

  • There will be no more  1 group, with a maximum of 3 adults in the showroom, at a time. At this time we are not allowing children into our showroom.

  • Staff members will wear gloves, masks, and eye-protection while interacting with clients.

  • Any staff member will have the right to refuse clients access to the showroom if, in their sole opinion, they feel uncertain about a visitor's health condition or compliance.


What we expect from clients


  • Please call us at 941-554-8000 before you visit the showroom – also call us just before you arrive. This will allow us to ensure that we provide you with both the safety and time that you deserve.

  • When you arrive, please wait on the entrance side of the stanchions. where you will be met by a staff member to escort you through the showroom.

  • Access to the showroom is subject to clients wearing masks and gloves. PLEASE do not wear your own gloves – after, given the opportunity to sanitize your hands, a fresh pair will be provided to you. Should you not have a mask, a disposable 3-layer medical mask will be provided to you.

  • Please comply with the instructions given to you by the staff member who will meet you at the stanchions.

  • Staff members will guide you through the displays and present samples in a responsible and informative manner. In the event that it is necessary to touch any display to get the “feel” of it your accompanying staff member will sanitize it before and after your touch.

  • Access to the office and toilet area in the back is restricted. This also means that no access to our showroom will be allowed through our back door.


We intend that our clients continue to enjoy the full experience while safely interacting. We love what we do and look forward to continuing to co-create beautiful, unique spaces with you.


Thank you for both your understanding and continued support

(1) Cucine Ricci/Munda Interiors, LLC makes NO CLAIM that the procedures implemented by us will protect you from contracting coronavirus/COVID-19. Cucine Ricci/Munda Interiors is not an authorized medical or health safety authority and has done our best to prove a safe environment for you and our employees.